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DATO: 9-11 September 2005
Fre. kl.19-21.30 & Weekend kl.10-17
CONTENTS: 2½-days to explore, process and integrate keys from the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot
PLACE: Jupiter Center, Hestestien 1, N-1555 Son (1-hour outside Oslo), Norway
PRICE:  1500Nkr.
TO REGISTER: Contact Nina +47 92886886 & send deposit of 400Nkr.

Paint with your hands using strong, clear water-based colours on life-size paper – and dialogue with your inner landscape which contains many evocative tarot images. Contact & express a whole range of emotions in a safe environment, and develop new insights and resources.
We have 2½-days to explore, process and integrate keys from the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot – a picture book of universal wisdom. Your relationshipo to the Tarot will be forever changed to become more livinhg!

What is our relationship, for example, to the feminine power of Key 2: The High Priestess? Or the masculine energy of Key 4: The Emperor, that reveals our attitude towards authority & leadership?How do we deal with opportunities for change in our life as represented by such cards as Key 10: The Wheel of Fortune, or Key 13: Death, and Key 16: The Blasted Tower?
And what is our own Devil – Key 15? Or our own inner picture of The Lovers – key 6?How do we communicate with the different parts of us – is it based on equality or hierachial attitudes?
Do we still have much unfinished buisness from the past to complete – Key 18: The Moon?Are we a teacher or preacher -. Key 5: The Hierophant? A Warrior or worrier: Key 7: The Chariot?What is the light in the dark that gives us hope for the future –Key 17: The Star – and can we embrace freedom and take a new path: Key 0: The Fool?


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