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Exploring Eternal Egypt

8-Days in Cairo area, Anafora Center
Tues. 27 December 2005 to Tues. 3 January 2006
Berit & Derek Seagrief

The ending of the Old Year and the start of the New Year is a magical time. It is a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon the events and experiences that have given 2005 its character – energies which are now passing. There is also the call of the new - the sound of the New Year 2006, waiting to be born. It is a pregnant time as we prepare to enter a new year with renewed hope and goals.
What will this mean to you? Are you aware of the cycles of destiny that operate in your life right now?
How can we best cooperate with the energies in the New Year?

This is an 8-Day New Year Retreat and we are putting the focus upon stimulating our playfulness, experiencing increased joy & inspiration, music & song, together with time for digestion, reflection and meditation. We will be using Astrology & Tarot cards for divination to enter into new perspectives of our life patterns. There will also be time for painting your visions for 2006. Together we shall also experience the upliftment of specially designed New Year Rituals & guided visualizations.

Our location is the wonderful Coptic-run Retreat center, Anafora, north of Cairo.
For our first 2 days we shall be staying in the Oasis Hotel, just minutes away from the Pyramids & the Sphinx. Here we shall experience Cairo, the Museum and Bazaar, with focus upon the outer life. The next 6 days we are attuned with the inner life, as we celebrate the concluding days of 2005 and start of the New Year.
We hope you will join us in our celebrations of the Birth of a Brave New Year 2006!

Price: 7,000 Dkr.

Registration Date – latest 15 November 2005


Niels Frederiksens Allé 4    DK-2610 Rødovre    Denmark
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E-mail: derek@seagrief.com