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A horoscope reading is a deep exploration of your inner world and your current life circumstances. The focus is placed upon assisting you to gain a greater clarity over your life patterns from an evolving wholistic-psychological-spiritual perspective.

A normal counselling session, face-to-face, takes 2-hours and is recorded on tape. For all other astrological services, please look at my "Services & Prices" section.
Included in a natal readings will be a basic review of the recent past in order to recognise current life issues in a more meaningful context, and 1½-years of future planetary movements & opportunities. Each reading will focus upon the specific areas of life that you - the client -wish to have explored, as for example, the dynamics in relationships & marriage areas, work & career goals, education, family, parental issues, children, health, travel, and dealing with major life transitions etc.

As I have been counselling clients on a regular basis for more than 25 years, I can say with a fair degree of confidence, based upon such wide experience, that we can take up almost any area your of life for an in-depth exploration.

A horoscope reading identifies areas of personal creativity and untaped resources. We also look at your specific fears and resistances to more creative living. Together, we share suggestions and arrive at practical solutions. Such a reading can help stimulate greater self-awareness, leading to increased self-empowerment and self-expression. This activates the courage to live your visions for the future and to accept your truth.

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